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By nadraenzi | August 24, 2011


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( New Orleans ): The siren call of my hometown Savannah, Georgia's mayorial politics reaches my ears here in the real life "Gotham City" of New Orleans.

Having combated Savannahian Jim Crow-Lite and Zero I'm alarmed by a disappointing development: the administration of its second Black mayor is accused of reverse discrimination???

Savannah's minority ( read: White ) population has seen complexion change on city council; and the offices of police chief; fire chief and most controversially, city manager.

Whether this is representative democracy or Black Jim Crow depends upon perspective.

My concern is this: replacing systematic White preference with systematic Black preference isn't an upgrade and it definitely isn't "justice."

Suspicions that top appointments were made along racial lines by this outgoing mayor ( and alderman seeking the same or higher office ) addresses an old worry of mine.

Black "advancement" that is little more than rebooted Jim Crow now favoring African-Americans means we're no better than past racist regimes. That's not what I'm fighting for by a long shot!

Mayor Johnson's alleged desire for a city manager who "looks like him" has created an unlikely coalition of White Republicans, Democrats and Independents whose outrage resembles that of 1960s civil rights protesters.

I don't want anymore Jim Crow mayors in Savannah or elsewhere in America. That evil era deserves its place in the dustbin of history.

Whomever can united Savannah should be her next mayor.


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