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uPlaya in Savannah Magazine

By graysonbraswell | September 02, 2010


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The Science of Successful Music
A digital music revolution is happening in the Hostess City.
Dominic Viti gets tuned in.

The future of the music industry can be found in Savannah. Above Leopold’s on Broughton Street, brainstorming within lime green rooms stocked with slick desks, computers, and movie posters, the technological seers of Music Intelligence Solutions (MIS) use string (or similarity) metrics to make discovering and publishing music only one click away.

“Music is an art, but it’s also a sequence of numbers,” said CEO David Meredith. “Because of algorithms, accessing and distributing music has never been easier.”

Digital Discovery
Tailored to the vast library of online music, MIS’ uPlaya software offers “Music Universe”- Pandora on steroids- which uses sophisticated algorithms to allow users to find music they will likely enjoy by dissecting a favorite son’s digital file and grouping it with songs in a galaxy of works similar to its rhythm, tempo and composition.

“Music Universe” also lets artists gain immediate feedback on the commercial potential of their work through a user rating system and allows them to promote it to audiences who have shown interest in similar sounding music.

Calculated Success
MIS has also patented uPlaya’s “Hit Song Science” program whereby musicians can measure a song’s hit potential by comparing its sonic characteristics those of hit existing songs. The tool also spots new musical trends and compares a song’s composition to such trends to determine its commercial prospects.


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