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February 27, 2012

Nike Air Jordan Shoes With Potent Masculine

By happycamp


February 18, 2012

these fashionable color of the Air Jordan 3

By happycamp


February 15, 2012

Cheap Jordan Shoes Send You A Sincerely Love

By happycamp


August 24, 2011


By nadraenzi

Capt Black
(504) 214-3082

( New Orleans ): The siren call of my hometown Savannah, Georgia's mayorial politics reaches my ears here in the real life "Gotham City" of New Orleans.

Having combated Savannahian Jim Crow-Lite and Zero I'm alarmed by a disappointing development: the administration of its second Black mayor is accused of reverse discrimination???

Savannah's minority ( read: White ) population ...


June 01, 2011

Well, that kind of backfired...

By AmandaM

Confession: Sometimes, I watch really bad movies to make myself feel better about my own writing. It’s an awful, shameful habit that sadly serves as a temporary self-esteem boost until I have my next bad writing day. The idea of that is, even on my most unproductive, self-loathing day I can confidently remind myself that I didn’t write BIG MAMA’S HOUSE or that I won’t ever have to answer for the hot mess I KNOW ...


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